Deerfield Beach Hair Extensions

One way to completely transform your hair and instantly add length and volume is through hair extensions. Fashion icons and celebrities have been donning hair extensions for decades and many of our clients have asked how they can create similar looks. If you’re ready to walk the red carpet with long luscious locks, visit your local hair extension salon, Charm Beauty Lounge! Our hair extension specialists can help you choose the perfect length, texture, and color to create a fabulous and all-natural look. Call today to speak to one of our specialists about our fusion hair extension method. 


If you’re searching for hair extensions near me, don’t forget that Charm Beauty Lounge is conveniently located in Deerfield Beach, making it easy to reach from many South Florida locations. Hair extensions can be easily mismanaged, so you want to make sure you’re working with hair extension specialists with experience. When you schedule a hair extension consultation at our fusion hair salon, you’ll get the best recommendations and guidance on how to master this new look. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions

Can you wash your hair with extensions?

Your hair extension specialist will provide you with a full explanation of your hair care guidelines after your hair extensions are installed. Typically, we ask clients to wait 48 hours to wash their hair after a fusion hair extension installation, and then you can continue with your typical washing schedule. We’ll also ask that you stay away from poor quality shampoos that contain sulfur or other chemicals. We want you to feel completely comfortable caring for your hair extensions, so we give you all the information you need to take the right steps to extend the life of your extensions. 

Do you have to be a hairdresser to do hair extensions?

All hair extension experts always recommend seeing a specialist with a lot of experience installing hair extensions. It’s never advised to try to do this at home or work with a hairdresser that doesn’t have previous experience with this type of work. There’s a lot of factors to consider when choosing hair extensions such as length, volume, color, and texture. Hair extensions that are not installed properly can leave you dissatisfied with the style and even damage your natural hair. To learn more about the installation process, contact our hair extension salon today. 

What are the pros and cons of hair extensions?

When done properly, the pros of hair extensions are endless! You can completely transform your look. You’ll enjoy more hair volume and body. Clients have even stated that their hair extensions have boosted their self-confidence! If you recently got a cut that you’re not jazzed about, installing fusion hair extensions can instantly solve any short-hair cut issues. It’s also a great solution to thin or damaged hair. The only cons of hair extensions involve your individual preferences, such as hair care procedures and lifestyle. If you’re not happy with the look, hair extensions can be removed. 

What should you do to your hair before getting your extensions at the salon?

When you schedule a hair extension consultation, our specialists will explain everything that you need to know before your new extensions are installed, such as what kind of shampoo to use the day of your appointment, the best hair extension brushes to use, and how long the installation should take. Contact our hair extension salon today to speak to a specialist about the installation procedure. 

How much do good hair extensions cost?

Every hair extension cost will vary depending on the chosen style and the time it takes for each installation. Some will require more extensions than others and this can also affect the cost. To learn more about how much your new hair extensions will cost, contact the Charm Beauty Lounge in Deerfield Beach today. We can provide you with all of the information you need to feel confident and excited about moving forward with your new hair extensions!

To speak with a hair extensions specialist that can help you decide if hair extensions is right for you, contact the Charm Beauty Lounge today to schedule a consultation.